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JahTours at your service! Tropical Winter Island Paradise pearl of the French Riviera - Menton postcard destinations Hot Photo Action! welcome to the Riviera Surf this way!

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 Honolulu, HI
 Boston, USA
 Las Vegas, USA
 New York, USA
 Menton, Riviera
 Biarritz, France
 Monte Carlo, MC
 Nice, Nizza, FR
 Paris, France
 Baden-Baden, Germany
 Berlin, Germany
 Munich, Germany
 St Petersburg Russia


 Cape Cod, USA
 California, USA
 Florida, USA
 Atlantic, France
 French Riviera
 Italian Riviera
 Tenerife, Spain

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On Tour with BK

35 years of Jahtours International - check our group on Facebook! - in August 1979 it all started with a little help from Interrail and the Youth Hostel. For ten years JahTours dominated beach vacations in Menton, then relegated to the Camping St Michel, and lately more active in Etap-Hotel in Garavan or Pierre-et-Vacances Residence near the Casino.

JahTours International takes you to the Hidden Side of the French Riviera, shows Winter Scenes from the Islands of Hawaii, and features Premium Destinations with Insider Information.
Roam the streets of NYC stroll the Promenade des Anglais on the Côte d'Azur sail into Monte Carlo harbour climb rocks in the hinterland of prestigious resorts sleep under a million stars surf the waves of Oahu's North Shore have fun with japanese ladies in hawaiian shopping center ride the bike over highest Alpine passes dive into reef and blue sea go waveriding in France, Italy and Germany ask the expert see 3D stereo photos enjoy selected beaches best budget travel tips european railroad system Interrail fast hitchhiking mountainbiking ocean swimming active sport and ecological adventure backpacking holidays.
Presented by BK media systems, international home of Advanced Outdoor Media Productions: Three-Dimensional Digital VR Videography and stunning 3-D Stereo Photography, as well as Exciting Action Sports and International Events Coverage. Multilingual support for media projects and embedded engineering challenges. Jahtours International selected travel destinations website invites you!

Spend the Night under a Thousand and One Stars
Walk the Beaches under Palm Trees
Surf the Seven Seas

On Tour with BK

It may have started with an Interrail ticket in the pocket some frequent flier miles from mum and dad or the car of your older brother. Travel is a passion that lasts a lifetime, travel opens the horizon and travel changes your mind. JahTours is the BK international experience which shows hidden faces of selected destinations, popular places like New York and Paris but also lesser known pearls like Menton on the French Riviera and the best beaches on the shores of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean - west coast France and east coast USA as well as curious and interesting places. Happy life and easy living adventurous minds roaming spirits aloha feeling.

Jahtours.com represents selected memories of international youth travel from the 80s together with a lifeline worth of international travel experience.

jahtours auf deutsch  jahtours ist kein Reiseführer obwohl diese Seiten an viele Destinationen der Welt führen: Zwischen St Petersburg und Hawaii bilden die Jahre am Strand in Menton die zentrale Erfahrung weiter durch die Welt mit miles und more, InterRail und aus eigener Kraft mit dem Rad kreuz und quer durch die Alpen populäre Orte in den destinations sind Paris New York Kalifornien Hawaii weniger bekannt sind die Strände von Long Island Cape Cod oder auf der europäischen Seite des Atlantiks das Baskenland mit Surfer-Hochburg Biarritz und Hossegor der Natur Einklang mit natürlichen Landschaften berauschende Blicke Tourismus in 3D Stereofoto interessante Geschichte der Jugendreise Bewegung an die Cote d'Azur nach Menton französische Riviera im Ozean Hawaii beste Strände der Welt Wellenreiten Surfen Trampen Radtour in Seealpen romantisch Moment freundliches Klima - ALOHA!

jahtours en francais  jahtours n'est pas un guide de voyges mais les memoires du jeunesse sous le soleil de la Cote d'Azur dans les années 80 entre Nice, Monaco-Monte Carlo et Menton surtout la perle de la Cote d'Azur puis une carte Inter Rail dans la poche et le mode devient plus petit alors La Californie, l'Atlantique francais entre Biarritz et Royan aux Etats-Unis entre New York et Boston ou sur la cote oeust en Californie et sur les iles volcaniques Hawai Tenerife et Sicile forment l'experience nature et tourisme sur meilleures plages sous palmier avec la mer enchantée en route pour la Méditeranée voyage sur les iles Hawai histoire du surf cyclisme jeunesse photographie en relief avec camera stereo excitant technologie nouvelle idée la brise forte fait grandes vagues dans l'océan Atlantique et Pacifique sur les plages leur arome étrange sentiment romantique esprit gentil - ALOHA!

Sep 2010: This year we arrived for the first week of September, the French were already all back in La Rentrée. while we were enjoying the beaches of Menton, where the old town beach is best for the kids, and the pebbly beaches of Promenade du Soleil better for the avid swimmer. Finally Menton gets an impressive new art museum next to La Bastion, scheduled to open in 2012.

Jul 2009: This year the Tour de France started near our beloved holiday town of Menton! Monaco hosts the Tour for three days, starting with riders presentation, the prologue and start of the first stage. July 4th will see heavy action when the individual time trials shut down most of the principality and it was impressive to see Lance Armstrong at his best.

Sep 2008: Back to the coast for late summer beach vacation. While late August is still full of Italians and French people, the beaches and the hotels get a lot clearer in second week of September.

May 2008: We managed to find cheap rooms during the Monaco F1 Grand Prix! Besides it was fun to spend time with friends at the coast, and lugging around the kids gets easier every year.

Nov 2007: This year's Tour de France brought us to Biarritz and a major update for our Cote d' Azur section.

Oct 2005: With the world's best contest surfers present in Hossegor, this year's Quiksilver Pro got crowned by ample and huge waves.

Jan 2005: Happy new year!! Especially fast recovery of Indian Ocean beaches, which have been hardest hit by strongest tidal wave in our lifetime. For all other beach-lovers, just remember: when the ocean quickly receedes, it will come back faster and stronger.

Nov 2004: November was a sad month, I learned about the death of John Peel - the best DJ in the World, ever. Throughout almost 30 Years he found and played the best new sounds with thoughtful commentary over the airwaves of BFBS and the BBC.

Jul/Aug 2004: Summer is happening in the South, we went to the Hossegor Rip Curl Pro 2004.

Oct 2003: Back to our places in NewEngland we spent two weeks traveling between Cape May and Cape Ann.

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