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Stereo Photography

 in the 3rd Millenium!

stereomagic mystery place    With hungarian girl and Stereo Camera is in my left hand
BK Yashica Stereo-Camera in action

Stereo-Camera for sale! BK's Stereo-Yashica - coupled 35mm cameras starting at 79 Euro, plus shipping. Write to camera at exanova.com for additional Information.

BK media systems uses Yashica cameras because they have the best lenses (home of legendary T4 and Contax). These two are mounted horizontally 11,5 cm (4.5 inches) apart. The distance for best stereo effect on objects is three to ten Meters. I mostly feed Fuji's 100 slide film and the results are outstanding! In 1997 I made a pair of Nikon AF600 / Lite Touch, very compact combo, mounted vertically and stereo range from fifty centimeters to three meters, GREAT! Then I have an old pair of Pentax Super Program for better slide quality and I'm currently experimenting with two Canon EOS 1D MK II for digital photography. The best stereophotos come with wide angles 24mm .. 32mm, but I also get stunning effects with 200..300mm telephoto lenses on occasions.

The technical problem of distribution of two different views to our eyes has been solved in 2009, digital imaging got fast enough to allow for stereoscopic 3D in cinemas and at home! - I will come back to the stereoscopic viewing on another page, let's start taking pictures:

My innovation consists of the combination of two identical point & shoot 35mm cameras. Cameras have been combined before but often these were heavy and slow manual SLRs. Modern consumer point & shoot cameras produce better pictures than the Stereo Realists of the 50's. But not any camera would do - although even disposable cameras would - the popular zoom-models don't.

BK media system's Stereo Video from 1999
BK media shoots stereo video
1999 Digital Stereo Vision System

Contact the twin-camera stereoscopic 3d-specialist with your views, experiences, ideas and comments. Thank you.

Camera Sale !!

J-mini Prototype
Synchro Minitec: 92 Euro + Shipping.

Not only have we got two ears but also two eyes. Stereo Photography is far older than the stereo audio we now take for granted in our everyday life. That's because listening in stereo is easier than viewing stereo photos. In the 1950's brands like Realist, TDC, Kodak, and many more created a craze that persists into the third millenium. A few of the old folks are still around, but stereo cameras did not enjoy many of the advances in imaging technology over the late 20th century. Either you make your own stereocamera or you work with cameras from the 50's.

The two cameras autofocus system may be a problem to sync, some cameras use spot metering while others employ multi-beam systems and there could be situations when one of the two cameras is out of sync. The better AF camera models have an override function to focus on infinity. Another sync problem can be exposure and use of flash, where one camera decides to fire and the other one does not. But these cases are rare - when these cameras are well matched there is only 1 out of 20 photos affected by desychronization.

The question of shutter-synchronizing two cameras is solved by attaching a common electrical switch to the two shutter release buttons. Easier said than done: Most point & shoots do not allow for remote activation. Access to the inside electronic circuit board is necessary to attach wires. This is no easy operation! If you've ever dis- and reassembled a camera, a mobile phone or a watch you know what I'm talking about. For those of you who have similar experience with watches or portable electronics it could be feasible - just don't blame your mishaps on me! In this sense I started with two easy cameras. Now they're both in good sync for moving objects.

read all about BK media system's Digital Personal Stereo Vision System.
Thanks for your attention, see you on exanova.com.

Stereo Demo Pictures
stereomatic fuel station

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